Usually I work with photos of my family  
but this time, I tried work with photos with no person. 
 I used SBC sketch #403 for this page. 

The title means 'Colors'.
I cut the title in  Korean with my silhouette.

The following flower pattern is the traditional door decoration. 
It's like a lattice pattern for the door. 

 The following picture is Dancheong. 
And this is the information for it from Wikipedia.
Dancheong refers to Korean traditional decorative coloring on wooden buildings and artifacts for the purpose of style. It literally means "cinnabar and blue-green" in Korean.[1] It is based on five basic colors; blue (east), white (west), red (south), black (north), and yellow (center).[2][3] Dancheong has various symbolic meanings. Dancheong also represented social status and rank by using various patterns and colors.[citation needed] It functions not only as decoration, but also for practical purposes such as to protect building surfaces against temperature and to make the crudeness of materials less conspicuous.

I think these Korean traditional colors are really wonderful. 
Although it was a little bit tough to create traditional feeling 
with all the supplies are from western culture, I enjoyed this layout. 
I hope you like it, too.

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