I had a cat a few year ago. 
He died from disease when he became one year old.
My son loved the cat. 
This is a photo of their happy time. 

I have a cat named Joy now. 
Joy gives plenty of joy to my family. 
This is my Joy, a little interrupter. :D


What is your favorite season?
To me, it is Autumn. 
Blue Skies, warm sunshine, gentle breeze...
Autumn is coming here in Korea. 
Gentle breeze brings smells of autumn these days. 

CMS provides great color schemes to try out every month. 

Pinwheels are the good item to see the breeze.

I used vellum paper and transparent film 
to express right gentleness of breeze.

 stitches for the wave of  breeze

Breeze carries warm sunshine and blue sky in it.



I went to a beach last week. 
Golden sand sparkled in the Sun.
The gentle sound of waves, 
the white foam made by breaking waves..
It was wonderful nature itself.
I wanted to try express the scene in the layout. 

The photos were not from last week. 
They were from last year 
and have waited to be a scrapbook project in my drawer so long. 

I used glossy accents, glitters, inks and molding paste 
for the waves and foams.

cork die-cuts, a wood veneer, and buttons 
for the embellishments

I used Geralyn's wonky circles cut file for this layout. 
Here is her website

Journal strips wrinkled by the waves

I embossed distress embossing powder for the sand.


Bloom and Grow

One, no, two of my favorite pictures. :D
These were taken under the cherry blossoms in spring five years ago.

I rotated the sketch clockwise to fit my photos.

I made some cherry blossoms.
 I water-colored petals and added a little skein of yarn.

I added crackled heart shape and a blossom to the title. 
The title is from the song 'Edelweiss'.
Blossom of snow, May you bloom and grow.
I thought my kid's happy faces look like blossoms.

I also added some texture. 
I first mixed molding paste with some green ink 
then tapped the paste 
with a sponge to get a moss-like look. 

I sprayed green ink and added the green paste. 

I found a quote in pinterest. 
I like it. 

Enjoy Scrapbooking! 

Three Quarters

We are four in my family. 
Since I usually take pictures of my family,
there are three quarters in the pictures.
This pictures were taken in Mt. Odae last July. 

I used CS Sketch 274 for this LO.
I found CS had tons of great layouts I have to try.

I added machine stitches and various embellishments. 

 I made ruffles with ink-sprayed tissue paper.

I love these three quarters and, of course, as a one family, too.