I think sisters are the best and forevermore. 
These little girls are me and my sister.
I don't know what age we were 
but I'm definitely sure that we had a good time.



I have a cat named JOY.
Joy is almost two years old now 
and the photo was taken last year. 
Joy is very quiet and friendly.  We are a perfect match. 


A piece of a paper caught my eyes.
Such a pretty colors. 
I use the paper on a white background. 
I tore the paper on several pieces and rolled them up.
Also I stitched the rest of the paper with a sewing machine. 



Last spring, it was a nice day. 
Clear skies, cool breeze and shiny sunshine.
Nature always gives us a happy hello. 


Family mini album (6*6)

This is a family mini album, the size is 6"x6".
I usually use 12" x12" paper.
Although this small paper was unfamiliar with me,
it was quite fun and worth to make it. 

I  bound all the pages with rings and made an album.

Make My Way

This time, I used Sketchabilities new LO this time.  

I rotated the LO 90 degrees to the right.
I wanted to try black and white LO. 
I also tried to make a look of shading off. 
So I used some pattered papers and dyed a white ribbon to hang it down. 

About the title;
I'm very introvert person. 
When I was younger, I tried to change my character. 
Yeah, I didn't like myself. 
I wanted to be more active, talkative and social than I was. 
It was not me at all. 
Once I accepted and loved myself, all worked fine with me. 
I don't force myself to follow others anymore.
I'm happy and I love myself and my life more than any time. 


Here I have another LO. 
I'm enjoying my vacation with scrapbooking. LOL

The studio challenges gave me a inspiration. 
This is the LO I used. It was a nice try to use new LO.

I added rub-on and alcohol ink on the photo.

I painted the chip board title with silk.

The starfish, some shells and the seahorse are made with mod melts, 
but most of the small shells are real.