Usually I work with photos of my family  
but this time, I tried work with photos with no person. 
 I used SBC sketch #403 for this page. 

The title means 'Colors'.
I cut the title in  Korean with my silhouette.

The following flower pattern is the traditional door decoration. 
It's like a lattice pattern for the door. 

 The following picture is Dancheong. 
And this is the information for it from Wikipedia.
Dancheong refers to Korean traditional decorative coloring on wooden buildings and artifacts for the purpose of style. It literally means "cinnabar and blue-green" in Korean.[1] It is based on five basic colors; blue (east), white (west), red (south), black (north), and yellow (center).[2][3] Dancheong has various symbolic meanings. Dancheong also represented social status and rank by using various patterns and colors.[citation needed] It functions not only as decoration, but also for practical purposes such as to protect building surfaces against temperature and to make the crudeness of materials less conspicuous.

I think these Korean traditional colors are really wonderful. 
Although it was a little bit tough to create traditional feeling 
with all the supplies are from western culture, I enjoyed this layout. 
I hope you like it, too.


a new dress

I got a good inspiration in Mei Li paperie blog.

This is  Mei Li paperie July inspired by... challenge.

First I liked its color and I thought it was fun that squares were making another square.
What shapes can triangles make?
What came to my mind was a butterfly. 

Recently, my daughter got a new dress from her granny. 
She was happy with her new dress. 

I made some colorful papers with ink sprays and distress reinker sprays 
and die-cut several butterflies. 

Girls just want to have a fun?
Maybe they want to have a new dress, too. 

I made some fun texture with gesso and Tim Holtz rock candy glitter. 

Love this soft colors of the dress.

With a grin

I found this photo in my computer a few weeks ago. 
Have you ever thought that wrinkles could be this cute? 
My boy was 5 years old and I don't remember why he grinned at me. 
Whatever the reason was, he was just adorable. 

I used 123 get scrappy  July board and I chose Turquoise/aqua, pink and gold.
I always have a hard time to pick colors and this color board gave me helpful tips. 
I want to focus on my boy's cute face so I didn't embellished much. 

Miss you

I'm catching up with scrapbook challenges. 
This is for the sketch #400.

This was my cat which died from an illness three years ago. 
It used to gaze at somewhere by the window. 
It gazed so steady that it seemed to have something to consider. 
I loves the gaze. 


Last spring, my family went to a temple and there was a small clover filed.
We made a ring for  one another with a clover flower .
It was a beautiful spring day. 

I used a thick chipboard  as a mat and added some rub-on on the photo. 

Other photos and titles are on the squares.

 Lines of stitching and sequins are for the spring heat haze.

I used sketch #401 from scrapbook challenges to create this layout.  


With Daddy

My family went to Mt. Taebaek last weekend. 
The top of it is 1567meters high and it's quite high mountain in Korea. 

My youngest is 9-year-old girl and she had hard time there. 
She did well though, cause she was not alone.
She was with her family. 

I used CS sketch # 273 
It was a really nice layout and I had fun with it. 


Taste Summer

It's summer. 
It's hot and humid in summer in Korea. 
It rains today. 
My kids are looking forward to summer vacation starting this Friday.  

I made this scrapbook for the CMS challenge #66

You see my son's happy smile holding a big piece of watermelon. 
Sweet and Juicy ! 

I made circle laces just like the piece of watermelon with some punches.

This corner is for his bite 
and the black inks for the watermelon seeds. 

Life is Climbing

I've got this sketch from scrapbook challenges.

My family goes hiking these days. 
It was such a good time to get together.

I took the title, Life is climbing  from the movie
Life's a climb but the view is great
 - Hanna Montana

I made some crack and stitches and used corrugated cardboard.

I also used Distressed Embossing Powder to get a dust- like look. 

And I painted wooden alphabets.

Love, Life, You

This is the picture of me and my daughter. 

I used red, white and gold color for this page. 
I used some vellum paper and embossing enamel to get fun effects.

Hello shine!

My family went to the famous lotus garden a few weeks ago. 
I 'm not in the picture as I'm the one who took this.

 I made blossoms with tissue paper and dyed. 
Used some spray ink and clay embellishment.